Tomatoes & Potatoes

Yesterday we pulled in a bunch of tomatoes from the garden: Early Girls, Viva Italias, Romas, Patios and a Purple Cherokee. This picture doesn't have the Purple Cherokee in it--it had blossom end rot so isn't very photogenic....

Here are the potatoes we dug up last weekend (mental note: just in case the weeds from outer space take over your potato patch and the plants die down to the ground from some disease--DO remember to mark where the hills are next year...) We found roughly 20...and aren't quite sure how many we missed. They did set potatoes, but not very well.


    You know, I love potatoes and tomatoes cooked together, the tomatoes obviously cook much quicker, but as they pop and cook, they coat the potatoes almost in a combo of soft crust/sauce... with some basil, or, if you take it another way, the "turmeric, cumin, chili powder" combo, it is almost a meal to itself.


    That sounds delicious! Do you just saute them, or is it more of a stew?

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