Tomatoes & Potatoes

Yesterday we pulled in a bunch of tomatoes from the garden: Early Girls, Viva Italias, Romas, Patios and a Purple Cherokee. This picture doesn't have the Purple Cherokee in it--it had blossom end rot so isn't very photogenic....

Here are the potatoes we dug up last weekend (mental note: just in case the weeds from outer space take over your potato patch and the plants die down to the ground from some disease--DO remember to mark where the hills are next year...) We found roughly 20...and aren't quite sure how many we missed. They did set potatoes, but not very well.


    On August 8, 2009 at 6:40 AM Anonymous said...

    You know, I love potatoes and tomatoes cooked together, the tomatoes obviously cook much quicker, but as they pop and cook, they coat the potatoes almost in a combo of soft crust/sauce... with some basil, or, if you take it another way, the "turmeric, cumin, chili powder" combo, it is almost a meal to itself.


    That sounds delicious! Do you just saute them, or is it more of a stew?

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