Just another Saturday

Over the week, S. put a door on the duck house (thanks, S!) so we cut some vent holes in the sides and tonight will be the ducks' first night out there.

We also (ok, mostly S. again) finally got the roof on the chicken coop. Here you can see the edge of it (that's the rest of the roll in the middle)--we used white roll roofing--which is basically shingle-type-material, but in a roll. It took three stripes of it to cover the entire roof. Just in time, too, with all the rain we've been having the seam between pieces of plywood was beginning to leach water onto one of the rafters inside (caulked that, too).

And, lastly, one of the ducks found a crazy looking bug. Any thoughts? I haven't looked it up yet, but I'm thinking maybe some weird type of dung beetle? I dunno. It was almost two inches long, so pretty big.


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