Eggs for breakfast

On Friday we got our seventh egg from the chickens (then, this afternoon we got an eighth).

Here are the first 7 eggs. (That's still that same store-bought egg in the lower left)

So we decided to have fried eggs for breakfast...
(and yes, that very first egg was a double-yolk)

This is the first egg we found...a double-yolk

They're still on the small side since the hens just started laying, and we noticed a few things right away. The yolks are dark orange, nothing like the eggs from the grocery store. The yolks were on the small side, too, but very round and they seemed to sit up higher in the whites. The shells were all thicker than the standard grocery store fare, too.

Here they are in the pan. These are our first 3 eggs (4 yolks due to the double)
--there's some butter in that pan, too.

And here's breakfast...

They were absolutely delicious...I've never tasted an egg so good before (not that I'm biased or anything) :-) They were really rich and almost yolky....hard to describe, but I thought they tasted healthier. And they should, since our chickens have free range of the yard (and munch on greens all day) and get scratch grains (mostly corn and oats) every morning.


    On August 19, 2009 at 8:13 AM Anonymous said...

    Congrats on the double yolk! I can't speak first hand as I don't eat eggs, but my friends can certainly vouch for the same observations you made about the quality and taste of home/local eggs. Your chickens are quite lucky to have such a good diet and life :-)

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