Missing Duck

Yesterday, when we came home, Ruby duck was missing. Coyote? Fox? Bobcat? Wanderlust or a walkabout? We're not sure. We looked all over, and couldn't find any signs of a struggle--no feathers or anything. The other ducks didn't seem worried or alarmed (which is saying something since they all follow each other around in a pack...)

They've all been flying (about 2 feet off the ground) after me to get to the chicken coop in the morning, and they are mallard mixes....so it's entirely possible that she just flew off. Especially, I think, in light of the other ducks not acting scared or worried. Then again, if they never saw the beasty that got her...they wouldn't necessarily be acting strangely.

In other news, two of the remaining ducks seem to have tail curls now: it looks like Napoleon and Dorian were both aptly named. Of course that means we now have what looks like 2 males and 1 female and that's not good. I think we're going to have to look into getting a few more female ducks in order to keep the peace around here, 'specially with Ruby gone.


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