Pepper Flower

It's that time of the year again...time for anticipation.

"Star" Flower

I really have no idea what kind of flower this is...
I just thought it looked kinda cool.

I spotted it while out on a day trip.


This year the cherry tree on the side yard out-did itself (the two in the back didn't do much, though. We brought in (as I has been several weeks) over 4 pounds. Naturally, we decided to can some of them. :-)

First we pitted them (I discovered a nifty trick using the looped wire end of a tiny whisk). It takes a while to pit that many cherries and leaves stains on everything...including your hands...

Then we added some sugar (we followed the Ball book recipe for cherries in syrup) and cooked them down for a bit (until they were hot).

After canning, we ended up with 4 pint jars. That's enough for a couple of pies!

First Veggies


Peas and broccoli
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