This year the cherry tree on the side yard out-did itself (the two in the back didn't do much, though. We brought in (as I has been several weeks) over 4 pounds. Naturally, we decided to can some of them. :-)

First we pitted them (I discovered a nifty trick using the looped wire end of a tiny whisk). It takes a while to pit that many cherries and leaves stains on everything...including your hands...

Then we added some sugar (we followed the Ball book recipe for cherries in syrup) and cooked them down for a bit (until they were hot).

After canning, we ended up with 4 pint jars. That's enough for a couple of pies!


    On June 15, 2010 at 9:11 PM Anonymous said...

    I would love have a cherry tree, I am incredibly jealous. We just found a local orchard that has cherries - they were one of the fruits I missed the most last summer. But to have them right there...

    I generally freeze my cherries, I've never canned them before... so I'll have to try this year. When I freeze them, I leave the pits in; it makes the process so much easier and when I eat them, I just take out the pit as I would were the cherry fresh (yes, with some fun seed spitting too!)

    It is well after dinner, but just looking at your pictures makes me crave cherries :-)

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