Great Expectations

This part of the year is second-hardest** for me garden-wise. It's so full of potential it drives me crazy. The peas and lettuce are all done, the broccoli is long pulled up, and the first tomato has been picked. But most things in our garden are still in their blooming phase. We have peppers and tomatoes that are still days, perhaps weeks from ripening in any quantity and it really tries a hungry gardener's patience!
**The hardest time for me in the garden is early early spring--March and early April when the winter seems to last forever

There are tons of green tomatoes

Squash flowers--but only flowers so far!

The eggplant is getting bigger, but not ready yet

Cucumber flowers and twining vines

It's hard to wait patiently for everything to set fruit and's july and I always feel that harvest should be in full swing (of course it never quite is 'til August...but you know)

Maybe it'd be easier to wait if our beans (all 4 varieties of them--although the Blue Coco are the least effected) hadn't been stricken down by something...Is it a nutrient deficiency? A disease? There aren't all that many insect holes so I doubt it's that.....What then?


    On July 22, 2009 at 7:18 AM Anonymous said...

    Gack, it must be so frustrating to have everything so *close* to being ready, but yet feel as if it is so far. Your pictures look like when the garden comes ready, it is going to burst with a great harvest though. No idea on what might have happened to the beans.... could it be all the rain?


    I was thinking that it might have been a problem exacerbated by the wet spring, but the symptoms don't quite fit root rot---so I'm just not sure.

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