Berry Bushes

As is common in areas where the woods meet a mowed section of land, there are a lot of wild berry bushes on our property. (Wineberries according to my research). Up until Sunday I thought that they were all raspberries wineberries, but it looks like S. found some other ones. They're ripe already (unlike the raspberries wineberries which are just starting to set berries) and are they delicious.

Boysenberries? Black Raspberries There were 2 more than this when we picked them,
but that's how I know they taste so dang good...


    On July 2, 2009 at 6:07 AM Anonymous said...

    That's one of the things I wish I will have at some point in my life - a home that has wild berries somewhere near/on the land. Even a small handful once in a while sounds wonderful. Did you just find this bush, or is it an old friend?


    It's just the waiting for them to ripen part that's hard. We just found this particular one while checking the nearby wineberries for ripeness. :-) Much better than store-bought, though. No question.

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