Freezing Wineberries

A comment on my wineberry jam post recently brought wineberries back to the forefront of my mind. I realized that I never followed up on what we did with the rest of them. We actually didn't use all of the wineberries in the jam, and picked even more the following weekend. Thinking that they would be nice for a holiday or winter-time dessert, I froze them.

It's really easy to freeze berries. You just spread them out flat on a tray and stick them in the freezer overnight ( our were in there for a day or two).

Here they are after I pulled them out of the freezer.

Then you just put them all into a freezer bag.

Taking the frozen berries off the tray

The above picture is the batch we picked the next weekend. They were a bit riper and juicier so stuck to the tray more. I found that a spatula worked really well to scrape this batch off the tray without damaging them to much. The first batch was pretty easy to just loosen with your fingers.

The bag of frozen berries.

Remember to label the bag before it's cold. That's what happened here--I froze them in two batches so when I pulled the bag out to add the second batch a bit of condestaion started to develop---making it a little tricky for the marker. Ooops. :-)


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