First Tomato

Ah, our first tomato of the year. It's a Sungold cherry tomato, (behind it are blue lake, potomac and blue coco----those are the purple ones---snap beans). Since we got our tomatoes in a little late this year, due to first a delay in tilling, and then a delay due to the really wet spring, it's a little later then I would have preferred. The good new is that there are quite a few tomatoes set on the vines--nothing but the cherries are ripening yet, but they will be soon!

first tomato
Our first tomato of the year--a 'Sungold'

I offered half of this first tomato to S. but he declined so I had the first taste test. I only asked need to convince me to eat the whole thing myself :-) we've never grown this variety before, so I found it very interesting tasting. Apparently they're ripe at this orangey-red color, and it really tasted much sweeter than I expected. Almost a slight citrus or pineapple flavor to it, really.

Here's hoping for more soon!


    On July 12, 2009 at 7:34 AM Anonymous said...

    The first bite of a tomato is a landmark in the growing year, I think. I had my first yesterday, but it wasn't one I grew - it was from a local farmer at the farmers' market. But the juice dripping down my chin, and grilled tomatoes with dinner, it was perfection. I hope you get lots more tomatoes soon!


    What a lovely little tomato! Can't wait for tomato season to be in full swing. :)


    Me too Megan---and ooh..grilled tomatoes are my favorite livinginalocalzone-I adore them

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