I wish WaPo had written their corn article several weeks earlier---look what I found. A recipe for using the leftover husks, silk and cobs to make sweet corn-tasting broth which can then be frozen or refrigerated.

....pretty cool stuff...

Of course, we already froze all of the corn we had, and used the husks for mulch. Oh well, there's always next year....If anyone tries it let me know how it is!


    Amazing. Truly amazing. There is a use for so many things that one might think are useless. And you know, I do have some corn to use up, so if I try it, I will definitely report back :-) It'll be interesting to see how to season it - the recipe doesn't go too much into that... experimentation time.


    I know! Isn't that crazy? Who knew you could use the husks and silks for food too....

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