Last Thursday (I know, a whole week ago? What's wrong with me?) we made some yummy fajitas that I wanted to share. During the week we usually make meatless meals, which can mean tofu, seitan, tempeh, or other various meat substitutes. These fajitas use a ground beef substitute--I can't remember the name of it just now, but it basically means add Worcestershire saue and liquid smoke. Seasonings aren't included in this post, 'cause I can't keep up with S's fast hands....he's the executor behind the meal, although fajitas were my idea :-)

First he chopped some peppers, and sauteed them

Meanwhile I got some tortillas ready to warm in the oven

Then came the ground meat substitute (and seasonings..my apologies, I couldn't catch them all. I definitely spotted Worcestershire sauce on the counter later, though...but knowing him that probably means garlic powder and maybe even dried minced onion)

Some garden peas, tomatoes, corn, beer and cheese got added to the mix too...
Then we cooked it down for a bit until it thickened up...

Then we put the whole mess on tortillas....

And voila! I know, it needs a garnish--our parsley died, so sorry about that :-)

Try it some time! With either beef or imitation meat, it'd be yummy, I'm sure.


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