Garden/Harvest Update

On Sunday we brought in lots more tomatoes (it's definitely been an ongoing thing). We'll have to remember to augment with compost and lime this winter, though, as we're getting a lot of them with blossom end rot too. Several varieties seem to be more resistant to it than others: the Early Girls and Romas are doing pretty well, and the Sungold doesn't seem effected by it either.

We also pulled in our first pepper (there were two on the plant, but the other one was devoured by bugs...) There are a few bells ripening, and eggplants too. The cucmbers appear adversly affected by the fluctuating rain levels (they're weird shapes...) but we've brought a few of them in. One of the two scalloped squash has unfortunately dveeloped some rotten-looking brown spots, but the other seems to be developing ok. No zukes set (why?), and quite a surprise but there were more purple beans too!


    On August 20, 2009 at 5:29 AM Anonymous said...

    I love the purple beans. My peppers are in full force, as are the eggplant - its fun to see :-) Sorry to hear about the zucchini, its odd that they are holding out. Maybe a bit more sun and they'll get in gear?


    It could be...we're having a horrible time with weeds. In particular Japanese our zucchini is in kind of a jungle of it right now--the stuff just grows so fast! I have a hunch that it's sucking all of the nutrients out of the soil, too....we're going to try solarizing this winter, I think, instead of a cover crop. Since it's our first year in this spot we kind of should have done that anyways...maybe it will help next year.

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