Our new freezer, not-quite-yet fully loaded

Saturday afternoon we finally bit the bullet and got a freezer. It had a rebate, it's 5 cubic feet since we want to make sure it's not too big for us: a pretty good deal, and we were just plain running out of space in our kitchen freezer. I'm glad for the extra space, since I'm hoping to be able to freeze some dough (or baked goods--biscuits maybe?) as well as maybe some soups. We made gnocchi a few years ago, and made some ravioli last winterand froze it for later (it's so nice to have something in the freezer that's like "convenience food" but isn't 'cause you made it yourself. I just love that.) so maybe we'll do that again this year.

I just don't know what I'll title my veggie freezing posts since 'why we need a freezer' no longer applies....



    On August 5, 2009 at 6:05 AM Anonymous said...

    Congrats again! Believe me, you'll find ways to fill that freezer pretty quickly - I sure did :-) Are you planning to do mostly veg, or fruit too? Freezing is great for preserving the overflow this time of year. If you can, getting those vaccuum plastic bags (the ones that you suck the air out with a gizmo) really helps to prevent freezer-burn, plus it condenses the size of the bag and makes the veg more like a brick in there (not sliding around in the bag) so things can be packed tighter and more can be squeezed in the bag....


    Thanks! I have been wanting to get one of those things---but need to do some more research into brands, etc.

    Are you happy with the one you have? Do you find the rolls cost-effective (and easy to find in stores)?

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