What DON'T deer like to eat?

This is the only perennial still standing in our flowerbed. (Well, that and the random Oregano plant in the flowerbed.) We planted it this summer, and everything else---I think there's a Black-Eyed Susan, and maybe a Shasta Daisy with a few hostas--has been eaten pretty much down to the ground (hard tell when they're mere shadows of their former selves...). We did get three or four flowers off of the Black-Eyed Susan, but sheesh.

So yes, I definitely want one maybe two more 'Autumn Joy' sedums.

And does anyone else know what's deer-proof? Or even deer-resistant??


    I love the star pattern here with the pink and white against a green background. Just lovely. Wonder why the deer don't like them? No deer where I live (in matchbox lot suburbia), but there is a family of racoons that trek my fence every night to eat my neighbors figs. They had so many figs to eat, and thankfully ignored my garden 5 feet away.


    Oh they're beautiful. Maybe they don't like the texture...or perhaps they have an odor...I think that's why the deer are avoiding the oregano.

    Oh raccoons can be terrible--they've eaten tomatoes and corn from the veggie garden in my parent's backyard before. You're lucky they didn't find yours!

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