The Great Tortoise Escape

At that same small zoo that I mentioned before, they had some huge tortoises. And apparently these guys are spunkier then you would think....while we were there, we observed that one was hanging out a lot near the edge of its fenced area....then this:

And this......

It's hard to get these guys to go where they should....! (Notice that same tree in the above and below photos? They're very fast for their size...)

They finally got him back in....carried him and lured him with a peach half. Then they chained the damaged fence back together. The really great part? He staged another jailbreak as we were leaving.....must've been something in the air...


    Aha! Here it is! I just wanted to post to say how HUGE and smart that tortoise is :-) I wonder if there was something he saw that kept prompting him to try to escape? Twice in such a short period of time, wow.


    I don't know, I didn't see anything..but who knows what's attractive to a tortioise :-)

    ---they did tell us that his mate was still in the enclosure...hmm...

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