Changing seasons

Last night the forecast said the temperature would get down to 45. It's not even October yet, but it's pretty obvious that fall's on its way. Call me crazy, but I kinda like fall. The air is so nice and crisp, the apples are ripening, and it's the perfect temperature outside during the day--between 58 and 72. I was always the dorky kid that liked buying new school supplies in the fall :-) It's a time for changes, and for new beginnings.

Some things are still blooming, while others have passed peak long ago. Without fall, mother nature wouldn't have her period of rest....and without rest there would be no summer. No blooms or harvests. Much as I dislike winter, the plants and ground all need that dormant period. So fall's definitely a good thing...and not just cause of apple cider and pecan pies and beautiful changing leaf colors.

Although those are nice too. :-)


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