We had Thanksgiving up at our place again this year, with S's parents & grandmother and my parents. I always love to read about what everyone else has on their table, so here's what we had. (I neglected to take pictures of dessert...):

S. made antipasto

I made Smitten Kitchen's cheese straws (I halved the amount of pepper in the recipe)

My parents made some bread, and S's grandmother brought some rolls

I made some cranberry sauce

We mixed some sweet potatoes and roasted acorn squash together
(with brown sugar, maple syrup, butter, and about a tablespoon of amaretto...)

S. made mashed potatoes

I made some of Heidi's brussels sprouts
(I'm not really a fan...
but this recipe made them the best I've ever had them.)

S. steamed some of our frozen green beans

S's grandmother made the stuffing/dressing

S. roasted the turkey

For dessert, we had glasses of Asti (thanks mom & dad) with frozen wineberries in the champagne flutes, rum cake (made by S's grandmother), apple pie (brought by S's parents), soy bean pie---tastes like pumpkin pie, I swear (made by my parents), and custard (yay! it used up 8 eggs!). We made the custard and I even forgot to take pictures of that. Oh well. :-) It was all delicious and plenty of fun.


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