About those eggs...

So our egg total continues to grow and grow and grow. We're trying to sell them, but so far no takers (there's a dozen dozen in the fridge right now...) . As the autumn months proceed, we have noticed a slightly decreased volume (a few more days of 5 eggs total, rather than 6), but not by much. There is still plenty of grass and green stuff for the hens to range and feed on, so we haven't noticed a change in flavor really, either. As it gets colder (avg. has been in the upper 50's this week), and the bugs and green plants get scarcer, we may see a change.

We did switch feed a few weeks ago. Now we're using Layena, which is 100% plant-derived (not sure what Dumor was, I didn't see a specification on the package). It has marigold in it, which has definitely made the egg yolks even yellower/oranger than they were before! It's a tiny bit more expensive (our store just started carrying it about a month or so ago), but we had heard nothing but good things about it, and the hens seem to like it better. Next week we're going to start mixing some scratch grains into the food mix in addition to giving them some separately. As it gets colder, the extra fats and oils are good to help them all keep warm.


    On November 20, 2009 at 8:02 AM Anonymous said...

    A dozen-dozen, oof. That's a lot of eggs. Your hens and egg venture is certainly successful :-) I hope that you can find a buyer(s) soon. Are there co-ops you might be able to make arrangements with?


    I think we should just slaughter the damn things personally. Too many eggs and not enough outlets for them....I think we'd use chicken more than eggs but what ever.

    NOTE TO ANYONE THINKING ABOUT GETTING CHICKENS: They are possibly the dumbest animals on the planet and as such are a huge pain in the ass. If you KNOW you have an outlet for the eggs then I'd say do it . The work you put in will be worth the pay off. If you can't be sure you can get rid off all the eggs....well.....this might not be teh best of ideas. And no, 6 chickens do not produce enough eggs for a farmers market so if you're going that route you'll need even MORE of these things....


    Actually I think a co-op might be a viable option. A good idea and worth looking in to. Thanks!

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