We got chickens!

So in lieu of a creative post and title, today instead I bring you an excerpt from our garden notebook:

Raining. Bought chick feeder, waterer, and made chicken-wire top for large plastic bin (with Aspen shaving bottom). Bought chick starter/grower feed.


Bought 6 "assorted pullets" from local feed store. Put them in our make-shift brooder in the garage and dunked their beaks in their water. (3 light yellow ones, and 3 red-brown ones). They're 10 days old according to the guy at the store. **3-4 hours later they are settling in well, and are both eating and drinking.

(Garden update: Peas are coming up well. Lettuce is ok, arugula is bolting. Broccoli is starting to form heads. The salad green seeds aren't sprouting yet, and neither are the corn and beans. No leaves yet on potatoes. The herbs (basil, rosemary, sage, lemon balm, mint, and oregano are doing very well. We got a second basil plant too


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