Today we planted most of our garden. Ten tomatoes (one Patio, two Early Girl, one Cherokee Purple, one Mortgage Lifter, two Viva Italia, one Park's Whopper and one Sungold). Phew. Also planted: 3 bell peppers, 6 eggplants, 4 hills scalloped summer squash, 4 hills zucchini, 2 hills acorn squash, one row National Pickling cucumber, one row General Lee cucumber (a slicing type), and 2 rows of Clemson Spineless Okra. Did I already say "phew"?


We also did some work on the chicken coop. (Did I mention that we're building a chicken coop? Well, we're building a chicken coop!) We had already finished the floor, and were working on the joists and studs--we ended up taking those down and redoing it (Note above picture...before redoing....Very structurally sound....not.)--turns out you're actually supposed to frame them before you put them up. Sure enough, they are much sturdier walls now. (Thanks free online plans which shall remain unnamed....hmph) Two of the sides are now done. **update: May 30---Finished framing last two walls of chicken coop and purchased wood for nest box.

The chickens are getting bigger......


Oh and does anyone hate Carpenter Bees as much as I do? They are everywhere! Our deck, our picnic table....everywhere!


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