The sun is out for the first time in almost two weeks. In the garden, the beans, corn and potatoes are all finally coming up---same for the radishes and carrots. The rhododendron in front of the house is blooming like crazy, with huge flowers.


The chicks are growing quickly. They eat a lot--we're refilling their quart jar feeder twice a day. We even had to get them a larger waterer---a 1 gallon one--when the 1 qrt was empty by afternoon the other day. The new, larger, waterer was empty this morning and all of their litter was soaked--they must have tipped it over. We put it on top of a piece of cardboard to keep it flat and that's helping, though. (We got a larger container for their brooder too, since we needed more space for the larger waterer. We framed a top ith hardware cloth rather than chicken wire and this one seems much sturdier.)


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