Garden Update

Thank goodness for the wonderful weather! This past weekend was nice and we got a lot done for the garden. We tilled the potato bed, and planted 20 hills of Yukon Gold potatoes (finally had a nice weekend to do this.) We also got the rest of the fence posts in, and put the fencing up for the main vegetable garden (above). Once the fence was up we planted one row english pea starts, two rows english pea seeds (approx 15 feet long each), and two rows sugar snap pea seeds (better a late start than never...) Now all we have to do is figure out trellising when they come up! We also have arugula and kale starts to put in (and seeds to sow) so hopefully next weekend will be just as nice!

Our daffodils are going crazy, and it really is fun discovering everything that's already planted. There's a few grape hyacinths in the bed with some of the daffodils, and there are some very nice forsythia bushes in a couple of different places, too. Oh, and some of the cherry trees in the woods are just starting to bloom.


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