Adventures in Pita

Earlier this year I happened upon a few recipes that piqued my interest. I'm going to be sprinkling posts on them in here from time to time as I have a moment so that I can share them (I don't do the cooking but I do love to bake). =) The first up is a wonderful recipe for pita bread. The pita bread was tons of fun to make---although it was definitely a little bit time consuming since S. and I tried to bake them on individual foil pieces--and we couldn't fit more than maybe two at once in the oven! (Also a warning: the pita will not last long once it's out of the oven. We had eaten it all in, I think, two days---and the only reason it took two is because we were stuffed on humus.)

Rolling out the pita dough

The pitas puffing in the oven

Yum--pitas are done

We didn't have great luck with the puffing part of the process--although it was really very cool to watch them puff (even asymmetrically) in the oven---like magic! No point in re-posting the recipe--I used Foodie Farmgirl's pita recipe (which I was ogling for some time). She also has some great tips for getting them to puff (although ours came out with mixed results...but who cares? Flat or not, I'll never look at pita the same way again!)

We made our own hummus at the same time (toasted the sesame seeds and everything). I printed out the recipe from a website (but I don't remember which one!) Will link or post when I find it). My only complaint with that is we couldn't quite get the seasoning perfect--tried adding more salt, some more lemon juice, some garlic powder, etc etc---but as good as it was, it was still a teensy bit bland. Maybe I'll come across the perfect hummus recipe sometime and try it again (and I definitely want to make roasted eggplant dip with eggplants from our garden later in the year!)


    On June 25, 2009 at 8:45 PM Anonymous said...

    I *love* baking breads, and pita is a favorite because it is so versatile and - as you said - highly addictive :-) If you do find that perfect hummus recipe, or make a roasted eggplant dip later on this summer, please share!
    I remember first starting to make rotli (a kind of Indian flatbread) and getting somewhat discouraged when instead of rolling them into rounds, they'd come out like misshapen countries of the world... but hey, they taste good, are fun to make... what more can one ask for? Yours look like they came up well :-)


    I'll have to look up rotli!
    Hopefully our eggplants will bloom soon--I can't wait to try roasting them for dip...we grilled some rounds of eggplant the other day and they were amazing---so silky and tasty.

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