Back in the Blog-o-Sphere

Hi there. After an extremely long hiatus–got married, bought a house–I'm back. In deciding that I wanted to re-start my blog, Suburban Gardener, it came to my attention that a blog of that particular name didn't really fit my situation anymore. Last fall, S. and I bought a house on the side of a mountain, with (you guessed it) five acres of wooded land.

After several months, I've come to realize that there's a little bit of a learning curve to this. We live up a dirt road, with a rather long driveway, so snowstorms can be interesting to say the least. With the new found acreage comes potential for a big veggie garden and hopefully some fruit trees (of course, we'll have to plant around the septic tank and drainfield). Exciting stuff! Of course, with our new location also comes a new zone (6) and a new micro climate (it is ALWAYS windy up here) that will take some learning too to figure out which plants will do well.

So far this spring, we've got our primary veggie garden bed tilled (1000 square feet) and S. is working on getting fence posts in for it (deer are a constant in our yard**). It's also exciting to see what we have to work with, every new bulb that comes up is a far we have some daffodils and S. thinks he spotted a hyacinth coming up.

** By yard, I'm referring to the mowed area in front of our house–less than an acre– no point in going in to how much the deer like the wooded part of our land...after all, they live there.


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