Grilled Squash

So I know you know that we've been doing nothing but harvesting cucumbers and summer squash for the past few months... And I shared that we made some delicious stuffed squash, and TONS of sauteed squash....but did I mention grilled squash? It's super-easy. Just marinate slices of summer squash in some olive oil and light seasoning, grill until tender, then store them in the refrigerator for dinner later in the week. :-)


    Sounds great. Thanks for the easy recipe. Squash is something that can become pretty boring this time of year! But, I don't want to waste it.


    I feel the same way! We've given away lots of squash and eaten even more--but I still don't want to waste any, no matter how tired of squash I am. Thankfully, I think that's just about it for our plants this year!

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