Our pet birds love their mixed veggies, so we decided as part of our frugality efforts to make our own. So we have frozen corn left from last year, and frozen green beans. Peas, we decided, are too expensive if we have to buy them to freeze them, so next on the list was carrots. Despite our successes this year, there's no way there were enough from our garden to freeze....so we hiked off to the store and bought a 5 pound bag on sale.

On to chopping....

(Thank you S. you make a lovely hand model... :-) 

Here they are, all chopped. (yes, this is how we should have tried to chop the cucumbers for dill relish...)

Chopping the carrots was, by far, the most time-consuming part of the process
(but we wanted our cute little dices)

(Is "dices" a word?)

Next, we blanched the carrots for 3-5 min

Note the crazy scary orange foaming water....

We froze them flat on a cookie sheet, as we did the green beans. That works really well for not ending up with one block of iced veggies. Isn't that color crazy?

...and here it is all bagged up (it barely fit...I probably should have used two bags....)


    On September 21, 2010 at 9:44 AM Anonymous said...

    The carrots are cute, the way you've prepared them, but, as you sort of knew "dices" isn't the plural form of "dice". "Dice" is already plural. One of them is a "die".


    Aw shucks -- the grammar police found me. I was going to use the word "cubes," but thought I'd see if anyone was paying attention! ;-)

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