You can see the roof rafters and the reframed walls here.

Nest boxes mounted, roof done. It needs some shingles or something (it's just plywood so far) but that can wait--it"ll be at least temporarily habitable with a tarp tied down. The chickens are getting really big so we want to get it habitable asap. We also added another layer of plywood to the floor (just in case...we never put a tarp over it so it was getting pretty weathered..)

Things are starting to bloom in the garden (tomatoes, peppers, beans....) All of the seeds are germinating (cucumbers, squash, okra).

Oh, and here are some updated duck and chicken pics:

This is the ducks' first time out in the yard.

The chickens are enjoying some time outside.

The ducks are taking a nap after their bath.


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