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Homemade pizza with sun-dried tomatoes and prosciutto

For a while now, S. and I have been making our own pizzas for dinner on friday nights. They are absolutely delicious---and I love the different variations that we've tried. We've used, prosciutto, pepperoni, bell pepper, eggplant, sun-dried tomatoes, zucchini, pecorino romano, parmesan, mozzarella...yum.

So how did this all get started, you ask? Well one day I was surfing the web and I found this blog. And then I read it for a bit and happened upon this recipe. That looks easy enough, I thought. And so we made these (that was a much shorter explanation than you thought, wasn't it? But wait--there's more***...):

Yum---homemade calzones oozing cheese.

We only used the crust recipe, not the filling. That was ages ago, but I believe we just filled with cheese, sauce, and maybe pepperoni...I don't even remember, but it was yummy! (Slash the top a little bit to keep the sides from oozing as much, and if you wet the dough before folding the seams that helps too....)

And then one day we decided to make pizza.....but all of the recipes for dough required a much longer rise time then we wanted to wait (being hungry and inpatient and all)....so I remembered that crust. With only a 15-20 minute rest period and part whole wheat dough, it's fast and always comes out the right texture. It's not thin crust, and it's not super chewy, but it stays just soft enough every time (with a little extra flour, a little extra water, some seasoning tweaks...you know: artistic license). Ever since then we've tried to have our pizza fridays. We double the amounts in the recipe so we have enough for two pizzas, so we split the dough in half and keep the second half in the fridge in a bag for the following week. But seriously, I can't take too much credit--S. is the pizza dough maker extraordinaire.

Putting the toppings on--don't forget to put cornmeal on your pizza peel

Then just roll out the dough, put it on your pizza stone, top it as you like and stick it in a 450 Fahrenheit oven until it smells amazing and you can't wait for dinner any more (ok maybe like 10-15 min...I never actually timed it. We usually just go have a glass of wine while we're waiting.) Don't forget to let it sit a bit to cool or else you'll burn your tongue (speaking from experience here.) Happy pizza!


Now if you'll excuse me, we're making a margherita pizza right now :-)


    On June 27, 2009 at 7:25 AM Anonymous said...

    Pizza, mmmmm..... calzones are less messy in some ways, but the messiness is part of the appeal of the pizza I think, ha ha. I always burn my tongue, even without the cheese on the top. Waiting is hard!


    These look so good.

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