Chicken coop--note roof and walls

So yesterday we put 2 walls on the chicken coop. The chickens and ducks came out for a bit (it rained Saturday morning, but they came out Saturday afternoon---the ducks had several dips in their pool--they're getting big!) Turns out, after reading the bag of feed, we were a bit early switching the chickens over--umm...oops. You know, they spell it out for you on the bag, you wouldn't think it would be that complicated.....oh, well. Hopefully we haven't stunted anyone's growth.

Here's an updated pic of part of the garden--(Note Lettuce starting to bolt)

Peas from the garden--mostly 'Wando'

We harvested some lettuce, some kale, and lots of peas (our mesclun and mixed salad green seeds never did germinate. Not sure why---heck, maybe they washed away there's been so much darned rain this spring). Maybe soon we'll even have some beans ready to come in soon--there are some starting to set. Mental note: definitely plant the 'Wando" peas again--they are very large peas and prolific!

Butterfly bush

Our butterfly bushes are starting to bloom (they smell so good! I think at least one of the two is a Black Knight) and the daylilies behind the house are starting to bloom too. Last weekend we got some sedum (Autumn Joy), three celosia, and some ageratum to put in the front bed 'cause I just couldn't stand that it was June and there was nothing blooming in our front flower bed. I mean, what kind of poor planning was that? Oh, and a hanging basket with orange gerbers (we've had those perrenialize before--hopefully they will here and we can plant it in the flower bed later in the season).


    On June 25, 2009 at 8:36 PM Anonymous said...

    Hi there! The butterfly bushes..... I love the really fragrant blooms in any form, even honeysuckle, so the thought of having the butterfly bushes right next to the home is very appealing.
    Seems like your garden is doing well. Wando peas... hum. Have to make a mental note of that one. Do you find they require a lot of upkeep or vining?


    The butterfly bushes are great---I'll give you a word of experience though...don't put them too close to the house. Our are right outside the door and, as I'm sure you know, they have a bit of a sprawling habit. I've a already had to trim them back three times to clear a path to the house :-)

    The Wandos actually seemed shorter than some of the other types, but that may have been due to weather as well---we've been really bad with trellising this year which actually means when well kept-up they must do amazingly! I picked that type specifically because they were supposed to be good for freezing and fresh eating.

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