Yeast-free Pizza

Several weeks ago, S. and I had a craving for homemade pizza. We had everything we needed: tomato sauce, toppings, and mozzarella (this is usually the ingredient we forget about...) The only thing we neglected to check....was yeast.

So, what about a flatbread pizza? It's flat. It doesn't use yeast, does it?? Um, yeah. Turns out it does. Leafing through a cookbook, it turns out most "flat" breads do, in fact. Ok...... how about google? Success!

After reading several recipes, and several more recipe reviews, this is the one we settled on. The dough was definitely different to work with, but not too weird. (We had nightmares of pizza on crackers at this point). And it baked up pretty stinkin' well.

This wouldn't be my pizza dough of choice, but I think we'd definitely give it another go if we were out of yeast. It was a little crisper, and a little drier than I prefer, but it was pretty good.


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